Pods, Blooms and Spines

These paintings are influenced by all things natural; the contours of seed pods, leaves, buds, vines, olives, fruits, blooms, and most recently, spines. They are abstractions of organic forms for the most part. I often use the design element of repetition—a play off nature, a habit of technique, and a comment on the incessant nature of living on a daily basis.

More and more, I find myself captivated by the spine, tail, or vertebra. When I was a kid, my dad gave me a fossil of a little lizard tail, and that gentle curve struck me. It was subtle, and utterly lovely in it's simplicity.

I recently learned about a new fossil discovery of the most primitive snake known. Found in Argentina, it indicates that snakes may actually have evolved on land, not in the sea as was previously suspected, and that they had hind legs! Imagine a snake propelling itself forward on its stomach with the help of two back legs. The whole thing made me so curious. When did those legs become useless? When, during the persistent meandering of time, did they no longer become necessary? Did the back legs train the snake to slither?

In any case, these 'spines' have captured me, and I've been painting them and their relationships to one another in my work. They of course co-mingle with the olives, vines, blooms and seed pods.

Bloom Spine 1 Bloom Spine 2 Bone Flowers Bulbs
Cross Section 4 Cross Section 5 Cross Section 6 Olive
Seed Pod Spine 1 Spine 10 Spine 11